Strange Majik of The Dead Exs hosts Black And Blues at Pinks

Pinks is the new rad rock n roll joint in the East Village. Thanks to the popularity of Majik’s Black and Blues party Fridays at Pinks is the place to be. Show starts at 10, goes till 1 and is free. #blackandblues


Strange Majik of The Dead Exs plays Fridays at Pinks NYC

Majik plays the Dead Exs and more every Friday in NYC. Be there.
Pinks 242 E 10th in the East Village NYC.


A hot pic from the Amazing Radio show

Get some air! Many thanks to Kristin Viens for her great pic and Amazing Radio for having us play. What a night it was at Chez Andre in the Standard Hotel NYC.


Know a song that sounds like Sympathy For The Devil? Hitch it on h1tchr.

Have you guys checked out the new site that Strange Majik has created? Its called h1tchr pronouced “hitcher” and its pretty awesome. You can add sound alike songs, covers, or sampled tunes and build a huge timeline and share with friends.  Check out all the tunes related to Sympathy For The Devil….can u add a new one?? Are all songs related???

Dead Exs play CMJ 2013 for Amazing Radio’s Standard Hotel Showcase

Amazing Radio is launching in the US at the CMJ Music Festival and The Dead Exs are rockin’ the party with Honduras, The Mystery Lights and former #1 artist on Amazing Radio STRNGRS. The party starts on Wed Oct 16th and will culminate in the Saturday show featuring these bands from the new Amazing show Strange Majik’s 212. RSVP by clicking the pic below.

Strange Majik has a new radio show in the UK and Dublin!

Have u checked this whopper out yet? Amazing Radio has brought on Strange Majik of The Dead Exs to host a weekly radio show for the UK and Dublin featuring cutting edge up and coming NYC bands. Can we get a hell yeah??

Not across the pond? No sweat…..head over to Amazing and stream the show right now or tune in live every Tuesday at 6pm ET or 11pm UK. They also have an AmazingRadio app in the app store.

If you are an indie artist, get your music uploaded. Majik is playing the music that is uploaded to AmazingTunes. Sweet soul and rock n roll….power to the people!

Strange Majik is born

Strange Majik aka David Pattillo is the bootstompin’ guitar pickin’ bluesman of The Dead Exs. He has shared stages with the likes of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Left Lane Cruiser, Hillstomp, the Ten Foot Polecats, and Possessed by Paul James. He hails from NYC but was raised on rock n roll in Florida.  He digs authentic delta, hill country and Texas blues and likes his sauce on the side. Vegan, outspoken, and independent he is a meditation junkie and a proponent of free energy.

Check out this updated playlist of Majik at Manitoba’s in NYC. Many thanks to Jeff Smith at Reflections NYC for the vids.

Straight outta Deep Blues 2013

dp and Van Campbell of The Black Diamond Heavies rock the Deep Blues Fest 2013. We had a blast and the people of MN and surrounding areas rock our world. Here are the vids courtesy of Joe Caron.

Back from Deep Blues – dp solo show at Manitoba’s – July 3

dp (The Dead Exs) joins Van Campbell (Black Diamond Heavies) for Deep Blues 2013



The 6th annual Deep Blues Festival is coming to Bayport, MN on June 21. David Pattillo ofThe Dead Exs will join forces with drum master Van Campbell of Black Diamond Heavies / Bonnie Prince Billy fame.

Van Campbell

David Pattillo

This is THE premier outsider blues fest of the year in the USA. Some of our favorite acts this year include Possessed by Paul JamesLeft Lane CruiserHillstomp, and  Reverend Deadeye.

We are beyond stoked!!!! Here’s the 2013 Deep Blues Festival schedule and lineup:

Friday, June 21

4 p.m. – Charlie Parr
5 p.m. – Delaney Davidson
6 p.m. – Purgatory Hill
7 p.m. – Possessed by Paul James
8 p.m. – Hooten Hallers
9 p.m. – Left Lane Cruiser

Saturday, June 22

4 p.m. – Bloody Ol’ Mule
5 p.m. – White Trash Blues Revival
6 p.m. – John the Conquerer
7 p.m. – Kings of the Fucking Sea
8 p.m. – Johnny Walker and the Black Guards
9 p.m. – Mark Porkchop Holder

Sunday, June 23

4 p.m. – Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
5 p.m. – Soda Gardocki
6 p.m. – Hillstomp
7 p.m. – Dead Exs
8 p.m. – Guadalupe Plata
9 p.m. – Reverend Deadeye

Tickets for the 2013 Deep Blues Festival are $175 for the entire weekend, and $70 for a single day. The price of the ticket includes all-you-can eat barbeque. Check here for the official page.