The positive press is rolling in on the new Dead Exs release “Relovolution.”

“If you are a fan of Left Lane Cruiser, you will dig this band.” Incognito Music Magazine

“Makes you want to jump out of your seat!” Jose Gonzalez – KTSW San Marcos

“It’s like experiencing Jon Spencer tackling Leadbelly’s ‘Rock Island Line’ while having his demons exorcised.” Real Gone

“What happens when you take the rawness of Howlin’ Wolf, the power of Led Zeppelin and the craftiness of Ray Wylie Hubbard? You get the Dead Exs.” Chris Martin –

“The thunderous duo, in the end, are just good mojo that anyone with a pesky ex can appreciate! ” Sergio Santos – Houston Night Life

“…where their debut Resurrection left off Relovolution picks up and runs with it. Stick it in your ears!” David John De Horton – Pops2unes

“It’s the kind of music that gets you pumped; these guys do not let up for a single second and the end result is very easy to listen to several times over.” Matthew Warburton – Screamin At The Wall

“New York City’s own Dead Exs have returned with a brand new collection of Garage-Rockabilly type tunes that would make Bill Haley and Carl Perkins’ mind cave in, and Elvis Presley’s heart stop.” Chris Rotolo – Speak Into My Good Eye

“The masters of keeping gritty blues and old time rock ‘n roll alive” Meijin Bruttomesso – The Deli Magazine

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