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Strange Majik is born

Strange Majik aka David Pattillo is the bootstompin’ guitar pickin’ bluesman of The Dead Exs. He has shared stages with the likes of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Left Lane Cruiser, Hillstomp, the Ten Foot Polecats, and Possessed by Paul James. He hails from NYC but was raised on rock n roll in Florida.  He digs authentic delta, hill country and Texas blues and likes his sauce on the side. Vegan, outspoken, and independent he is a meditation junkie and a proponent of free energy.

Check out this updated playlist of Majik at Manitoba’s in NYC. Many thanks to Jeff Smith at Reflections NYC for the vids.

Straight outta Deep Blues 2013

dp and Van Campbell of The Black Diamond Heavies rock the Deep Blues Fest 2013. We had a blast and the people of MN and surrounding areas rock our world. Here are the vids courtesy of Joe Caron.