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Back from Deep Blues – dp solo show at Manitoba’s – July 3

dp (The Dead Exs) joins Van Campbell (Black Diamond Heavies) for Deep Blues 2013



The 6th annual Deep Blues Festival is coming to Bayport, MN on June 21. David Pattillo ofThe Dead Exs will join forces with drum master Van Campbell of Black Diamond Heavies / Bonnie Prince Billy fame.

Van Campbell

David Pattillo

This is THE premier outsider blues fest of the year in the USA. Some of our favorite acts this year include Possessed by Paul JamesLeft Lane CruiserHillstomp, and  Reverend Deadeye.

We are beyond stoked!!!! Here’s the 2013 Deep Blues Festival schedule and lineup:

Friday, June 21

4 p.m. – Charlie Parr
5 p.m. – Delaney Davidson
6 p.m. – Purgatory Hill
7 p.m. – Possessed by Paul James
8 p.m. – Hooten Hallers
9 p.m. – Left Lane Cruiser

Saturday, June 22

4 p.m. – Bloody Ol’ Mule
5 p.m. – White Trash Blues Revival
6 p.m. – John the Conquerer
7 p.m. – Kings of the Fucking Sea
8 p.m. – Johnny Walker and the Black Guards
9 p.m. – Mark Porkchop Holder

Sunday, June 23

4 p.m. – Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
5 p.m. – Soda Gardocki
6 p.m. – Hillstomp
7 p.m. – Dead Exs
8 p.m. – Guadalupe Plata
9 p.m. – Reverend Deadeye

Tickets for the 2013 Deep Blues Festival are $175 for the entire weekend, and $70 for a single day. The price of the ticket includes all-you-can eat barbeque. Check here for the official page.

In honor of the Deep Blues Festival, The Dead Exs release new single and free download

In honor of the best damn outsider blues festivalin the USA – Deep Blues June 21 in MN……here’s a little treat from the street!